Stonehenge was a memorable visit for me, and was definitely worth the effort to go there.

I had heard mixed reviews from others, with some people saying they had only ever seen it while driving past on the highway and never even stopped there. We got lucky though. It had been a cloudy day, and just before we arrived later in the afternoon all the clouds had cleared leaving a nice blue sky. And it was a warm clear day. Also by the time we arrived, all the day-trip tourist buses from London had been and gone, so there wasn't too many people there.

There is a roped walkaway path around the structure, so one cannot go into and touch the stones, or take selfies next to them. This means it is easy to get good photos of Stonehenge without any people in the photo, or photos of people taking photos of themselves.



I had been told earlier that Avesbury Henge, which is about 30 kms to the north of Stonehenge was a better place to see, so we went there first before Stonehenge. However, I have to disagree since I liked Stonehenge better. It was good to go to Avesbury Henge though, and also good that we went there first, since it would have been a let-down if we went there after Stonehenge. A good point about Avesbury Henge, was that we could walk up next to and touch the stones!

Avesbury Henge is a much bigger structure at about 450 metres in diameter, compared to Stonehenge at about 30 metres in diameter. From the photo below, you can see it was still cloudy when we were at Avesbury Henge, which had all cleared by the time we arrived at Stonehenge an hour or two later.

Avesbury Henge


We also visited another henge structure later on in the trip called Arbor Low. This was situated in the southern part of the Peak District.

Arbor Low