Amphawa is a small village about 70 kms west of Bangkok near Samut Songkram that is popular for it's floating market. The floating market is open of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so we went down there leaving Bangkok on Friday morning for an overnight trip.

Going upriver a bit from Amphawa is also known as a good spot to see fire flies, but these were dis-appointing. There was no shortage of fire flies, but there was too much light pollution from nearby houses that destroyed the atmosphere. Having seen the fire flies at Kuala Selangor in Malaysia a few years ago on a pitch black moonless night, we had already seen the best and our expectations were too high.

Then there were the swimming monkeys at Khlong Khon ...

Amphawa floating market

Amphawa floating market

Amphawa Fire Flies

Swimming monkeys at Khlong Khon near Amphawa