During July 2016 we embarked on a road trip departing from Bangkok and going to the north west corner of Thailand. There wasn’t much of a plan before we left, other than to drive no more than about 400 kms a day, do the Saturday hash run in Chiang Mai whilst passing by and drive around the Mae Hong Son loop, before finally heading back to Bangkok.

The first stop was at Sukothai, followed by Chiang Mai, Pai, Mae Hong Son, Mae Suring water fall, Mae Chaem, Hot and Kamphaeng Phet with some other stops in between. The maps below show the journey split onto 3 sections. The total distance travelled was 2609 kms over 10 days.

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Thailand map Thailand map Thailand map


  Thailand map  

A zoomed in view of the section over north west Thailand, starting at Chiang Mai and finishing at Hot. The stops along the route are shown by the small circles and correspond to:

  1. North of Chiang Mai
  2. Pai
  3. Tham Lot
  4. Mae Hong Son
  5. Baan Rak Thai
  6. Khun Yuam
  7. Mae Surin waterfall
  8. Mae Chaem
  9. Hot



Hi-Res Panoramic photo's

The panoramic photo’s displayed following have been taken using a Phantom DJI-4 drone. Each panoramic image has been derived from multiple images that have been spliced together to give either a horizontal panorama or a downward looking fisheye view. These images are high resolution, and it is possible to click on these images to access the original at Google Photo’s and you can then zoom in to see more detail.