The National Coal Mining Museum is located at the former Caphouse Colliery in Yorkshire. The highlight of the museum is tour down into the coal mine 140 metres below the ground via the cage and winch.

Since it is a proper coalmine, even though non-operational today, all the rules and regulations still have to be adhered to. That includes no batteries, lighters, etc, which meant no camera or mobile phones. Those items are categorized as "contraband" and have to be surrendered at the surface, to be reclaimed later on after returning back at the surface. So, no photos from underground.!

A nice 600 metres stroll underground with a group of people equipped with coal miners torches, and an ex-coal miner as a guide.

 the National Coal Mining MuseumA sample of coal personally extracted from a seam  the National Coal Mining MuseumComplimentary gift at the end of the tour

 the National Coal Mining MuseumSheave wheels on top of the mine shaft

 the National Coal Mining MuseumThe winch system. This is an older one, and not the one that was in use, for our descent

Bedford truck in the National Coal Mining MuseumAn old Bedford truck in the museum. Exactly the same model as what my father owned when I was young.