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Pattaya to Bangkok in 4 minutes

Pattaya City is about 150 kms south of Bangkok and connected all the way by a 4 lane highway. Normally this highway is very busy, but on Monday morning it was easy trip. The time-lapse following was derived from the dash-cam video by decimating 23 out of every 24 frames, therefore giving a 24 times speed increase. The average apparent speed is about 2000 km/hr, and peaking at 2800 km/hr.


Makkasan Crossing

The time-lapse sequence is taken near Makassan Station in Bangkok, overlooking Ratchadapisek Road during the morning commute.  The cars move sometimes, but the motorbikes are always moving; unless a train comes. It looks quite hectic, but during the afternoon rush-hour, this road becomes totally grid-locked.

Although you cant see it in the time-lapse, there actually is some order in the coordinating the train arrival. Firstly the red light starts flashing warning of an impending train arrival, which everyone ignores. As the train gets closer, a crossing attendant walks out with a red flag forcing the cars to stop on the left side of the road, and when all the cars are stopped, another guy closes the boom gate. The attendant then walks over to right side of the road and repeats the process. The motorbikes don't stop until the boom gate is completely down.


Saen Saep Crossing

In the section along Saen Saep khlong before Ram Kamhaeng station, there is a 2 km section without any pedestrian crossing bridges. To facilitate the needs of the pedestrians, there is a cable barge that provides a crossing service (for a fee). But it also has to negotiate with the passenger ferries that ply this waterway.


Composite Timelapse sequences

Below are three Timelapse compilations that I put together several years ago. These are all shot around Bangkok, with the exception of the sunrise over the ocean which is from Hua Hin. The Bangkok shots are mostly from around the Sukhmuvit area, with several others from around Saphan Taksin bridge, Victory Monument and Chong Nongsi BTS station.