The Solstice Hash held it's bi-annual run in Hyderabad in India from 16-18th December and we were there. There are direct flights from Bangkok to Hyderabad on most days of the week, but on the day I had wanted to travel there were no flights. So the alternative option was to fly into another city a few days earlier, see the sights there, then head down to Hyderabad for the weekend. I also wanted to keep the itinerary simple, and the side trip decided upon was to see the Taj Mahal via Delhi.

I had pre-booked a car and driver before arriving at Delhi, and he picked us up at Delhi airport upon arrival and drove us direct to Agra. Pre-booking a driver turned out to be a very good idea, as there was a currency crisis in progress at the time and there was no cash available at the airport from either money changers or ATM's. 

So overall, we had 2 days in Agra, 2 days in Delhi and a further 4 days in Hyderabad before returning to Bangkok.

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