All the photos displayed here were taken during 2008, as part of a project to build a light-beam-interrupt flash-trigger unit. Some details of the Flash Trigger Setup can be found here.

The "breaking light bulb" photos were taken by dropping light bulbs on to the kitchen floor, and a large quantity of light bulbs were consumed to get the final photo shown here. I was living in Vietnam at that time, and getting incandescent light bulbs there wasn't very easy; it seemed to me that the country had recently switched over to fluorescent light bulbs, and no used incandescent bulbs anymore. When I did eventually find a shop, I think I purchased their entire remaining stock of incandescent bulbs in Ho Chi Minh City.

The water drop photos were taken looking into the kitchen sink, with the water tap manually adjusted to give about a drop every second or two. I guess I was fortunate that the tap was able to be adjusted as such. Each of the water drop photo's below are from different water drops, but taken with different delays to simulate a photo sequence.