Three Data processing menus are displayed on the right edge of the main window. These are Log Processing, VSP Processsing and Modelling/Survey Planning.

  • Log processing is mainly aimed at processing log curves
  • VSP processing is for processing VSP seismic waveforms
  • Modelling/Survey Planning has similar functionality as Log Processing, but is focussed more towards modeling and planning

Each one the Data Processing buttons will either be allowed or disallowed depending on the type of data that has been selected in the Data-list.

Two example are shown below to illustrate the layout of these windows.

The Moving Average Filter only requires one log curve from one dataset as an input. The first dropdown list is the dataset name. Once the dataset has been selected, the other dropdown list will be populated with the curve names from that dataset, and the curve to be filtered can then be selected.

The second example is TWT Conversion. This requires the Time-depth curve from one dataset. The open hole log data from a second dataset is also required. The first dropdown list is to select the Time-Depth dataset, and the curve to be selected from this dataset is below and on the left. The second dropdown list is to select the log curve dataset, and Sonic curve that is to be selected is below and on the right.

Beneath the Dataset an Curve selections are the parameters requried for the processing.

Finally click Compute. The processing result can then be found in the data-list.