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 It's been quite a few years since I updated anything on this web page. But here's a link to new web-page showing some recent bird photos from Thailand and Australia.



A view from the top of a hill at Padar Island in Nusa Tenggara Timur. This island is close to Komodo Island which can also be seen in the far background on the left side.


Bang Khun Thian

View from directly above the Bangkok Seaview Restaurant looking back towards the land. Bangkok City is on the horizon and 20 kms away



The Solstice Hash held it's bi-annual run in Hyderabad in India from 16-18th December and we were there.  First we flew to India via Delhi, saw the Taj Mahal, then down to Hyderabad for the main event. Click on the link above to see more.


Micro Photos

The next step after macro photos are micro-photos. With available camera equipment, this is most easily achieved by mounting an infinity corrected microscope objective lens on the front of the camera. Follow this link to see more.


Flash Trigger / High Speed photos

Click on the link above for some photo's taken back in 2008 of breaking light bulbs and water drops, using an infra-red light beam interrupt flash trigger.


Some new Macro Photos

A revisit to the technique of focus stacking for macro-photos.

 Macro flowers Macro flowers


Bangkok at Night

A selection of photos taken over the past few years showing Bangkok night photos. Click on the link above to see more.

Makassan Intersection


England & Wales

A panoramic photo taken while climbing Glastonbury Tor, from our UK trip in September. Click here or on the link above to see more.

Glastonbury Tor 


North West Thailand

A panoramic photo showing the hills near Tham Pla at Mae Hong Son. Click here or on the link above to see more.

Mae Hong Son


Taiwan Trip

We did a trip to Taiwan during June 2016 to catch up with friends at the Solstice Hash run in Kaohsiung. But the highlight of the trip was Taroko National Park, which is about a third of the way down the eastern coast. Click here or on the link above for more Taiwan photos.

Taroka Gorge


Pong Dindam

Another great Sunday hash run through the hills and forests on the other side of Pong Dindam lake. This area is about 100 kms out of Bangkok, just off the highway on the way to Pattaya. The Gulf of Thailand can be seen in the far distance on the left side of the photo. Click here for some more aerial photos.

Pong Dindam


Makassan Crossing.

The time-lapse video is taken near Makassan Station in Bangkok, overlooking Ratchadapisek Road during the morning commute.  The cars move sometimes, but the motorbikes are always moving; unless a train comes. It looks quite hectic, but during the afternoon rush-hour, this road becomes totally grid-locked. Click here for more timelapse sequences.


Sun Rise at Chiang Khan.   Northern Thailand

Chiang Khan is town in Loei province, northern Thailand and situated on the Mekong River. This panoramic photo is taken looking up Chai Kong street with my Galaxy Note-5, since it was all I had with me at the time. What is interesting about this photo, is that the sun-rise is aligned directly with the street, and my shadow can be seen in-line with the other end of the street at 180 degrees from the sun-rise. Chai Kong street is next too and parallel to the Mekong River and the Baan Supichaya hotel where we were staying is on the left (when looking into the sun).

Observing this alignment was purely coincidental and it would only occur two times a year. The other alignment date would be in early October. Also known as a Stonehenge moment !

Chiang Khan



A photo of the MICA building in Singapore, taken whilst hiding from a shower of rain in a bus stop. This image is a cut-and-paste from 4 photos to remove all cars from the final image. Also taken with my trusty Galaxy Note 5. !

MICA building


Occultation of Aldebaran

Aldebaran was occult-ed by the moon on the 14-March-2016, and this occurred as the moon was in the lower western sky.  The photo below shows the moon glowing red due to atmospheric effects as it sets into the Bangkok skyline.

The occultation had actually finished by the time moon set, and the small red dot seen below the moon is the star Aldebaran.

Click here to see more.

Red Sky Bar


Solar Eclipse from Bangkok

A total solar eclipse occurred on the 9-March. The path of totality went through Indonesia, but from Bangkok we were only able to observe about 40% coverage.

For more eclipse photos click here

Sole Eclipse 2016


Planes at Suvarnabhumi Airport

A composite stacked time exposure of planes flying in to Suvarnabhumi airport just after sunset.

To see more plane photos click here.

Suvarnabhumi Airport